popularpowerballnumbers| Post-85s bank cadres burst into tears at the trial and were once the youngest branch president in Jiangsu

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Source: Xiang Cai Plus

Han Jian, born after 85, was the youngest branch governor in Jiangsu Province.PopularpowerballnumbersWith its excellent business ability, it was once highly expected, butPopularpowerballnumbersHe lost his bottom line in greed and capriciousness, and fell into the abyss step by step from breaking discipline to breaking the law. Nearly five months after being investigated, Han Jian, former vice president of the Huaian Branch of Jiangnan Agricultural and Commercial Bank, appeared in court in Xuyi County people's Court.

Han Jian, former vice president of △ Jiangnan Agricultural and Commercial Bank Huaian Branch, was tried.

On November 24, 2023, Jiangsu officials announced that Han Jian was suspected of serious violation of the law and was under the supervision and investigation of the Huaian Municipal Supervisory Commission. The public hearing will be held on April 19, 2024, less than five months later. Xiang Cai Plus noted that Han Jian was prosecuted on suspicion of violating his duties.

According to an article released by the Xuyi County discipline Supervision Commission, Han Jian burst into tears at the trial, confessed to the facts of his crime, and said in court that he was willing to plead guilty to punishment. "Today is the child's birthday. However, I stood in the dock because I violated party discipline and national law. I am really sorry to my family. I am sorry for the training of the organization. I feel ashamed and regret for my actions."

Xiang Cai Plus mentioned earlier that Han Jian did not work at Jiangnan Agricultural and Commercial Bank for only more than two years.

△ Jiangnan Agricultural and Commercial Bank Huaian Branch.

popularpowerballnumbers| Post-85s bank cadres burst into tears at the trial and were once the youngest branch president in Jiangsu

The resume shows that Han Jian was born in August 1986 in Huai'an, Jiangsu Province, with a bachelor's degree. He entered the banking industry at the age of 21 and changed jobs frequently. He has worked in five local banks successively. Specifically, Han Jian entered the Bank of China Huaiyin Branch in 2007, worked as an account manager in the Huaian Branch of Pudong Development Bank in less than three years, and was promoted to General Manager of the Business Development Department in 2012. In February 2015, he moved to Huaxia Bank Huaian Branch, participated in the preparation of Huaian Branch, and served as head of the business department and general manager after the establishment of the bank. In less than two years, he joined the Huaian Branch of Jiangnan Agricultural and Commercial Bank as vice president. In March 2019, he joined the Huaian Branch of Zhejiang Merchants Bank as deputy general manager of the business department. After only eight months, he was promoted to vice president, and then served as secretary of the discipline inspection commission of the bank and president of Taizhou Branch, until he was removed from office in July 2023.

From the perspective of work experience and promotion speed, Han Jian is indeed excellent in professional ability, and he is also expected to have high expectations. Who would have thought that when he was proud of his life, he suddenly failed. The trial did not disclose the details of Han Jian's violation of his duties, and whether the verdict was pronounced on the spot was not announced.

It is worth noting that during this trial, the Supervision Commission of Huaian City discipline Inspection Commission organized more than 60 party members and cadres from important positions in the financial field of Xuyi County, Hongze District, and Jinhu County to attend the hearing.

At the △ trial site.

Xu Yajun of Jinhu Rural Commercial Bank said that the defendant, as a young talent in the financial circle, originally had a bright future, but because of the expansion of selfish desires and greed, he embarked on the road of breaking the law and committing crimes, and the lesson is not without profundity. Although the trial is over, the road to honest practice is endless. Workers in the financial industry should always maintain a high degree of vigilance and a good state of mind, work in a down-to-earth manner, and behave innocently.

Zhou Zhiyuan, Hongze Rural Commercial Bank, said that the nearly two-hour on-the-spot trial clearly showed the course of the defendant's violation of the law and crime, and the defendant's final crying statement showed deep remorse, which greatly touched me. As bank managers, we should integrate the study and education of party discipline into the key work of operation and management, reform and development, and team building.


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